#SupportSmallBiz Directory

Blue North has collaborated with the organizations below to create this regional resource to provide the community with ways to support small businesses throughout the NKY/Cincinnati region while we work together to #stopthespread of COVID-19.

Collaborators: City of Newport, Incubator Kitchen Collective, Renassaince Covington

Add your business here. We’ve provided a way for the small businesses listed below to update their submissions here. We also encourage you to connect with them on social media for their latest hours and offerings.

NOTE: If you have trouble accessing the web-version of this directory, please download the mobile-friendly version using the link below. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

πŸ“±Using a smartphone? ➑️ Click here to get the app.

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BusinessTypeType: OtherServicesWebsiteView More