Mentor Bank


Thank you for your interest in the Blue North Mentor Bank. Mentor Bank Advisors commit to twelve (12) 30-minute calls per year, through which they give advice to entrepreneurs and small business owners in our region sharing knowledge and resources that help them get “unstuck.”

How It Works

Right now, we’re only onboarding advisors with expertise in:
COVID-19 Recovery, Finance, Funding, Legal, Brick + Mortar, Brand + Marketing, Sales, and IT. If that’s you, apply below.

Our advisor marketplace is driven by the needs of the entrepreneurs who use it. We review applications on a rolling basis to provide in-demand and relevant expertise. So if it’s not a fit right now, we may reach out later once we have enough demand to make the best use of your time.


We’ve recruited Mentor Bank Advisors from around the region who are subject matter experts, most of whom are entrepreneurs themselves. As part of our Mentor Bank, you’ll receive twelve (12) 30-minute 1:1 calls with our Advisors, who are giving their time because they want to help you succeed.

Our Advisor Network is offering advice on:
COVID-19 Recovery, Finance, Funding, Legal, Brick + Mortar Businesses, Brand + Marketing, Sales, and IT. If these fit your needs, create a profile below. To request additional areas of expertise, click here.

How It Works

Community Values + Guidelines

We’ve put a lot of thought into making this platform a helpful community that creates meaningful connections. To get the most out of this experience we ask everyone to abide by our Community Values + Guidelines. Please read them carefully.